Resolution 42/17 (Human Rights and Transitional Justice) A/HRC/RES/42/17

26 September 2019

On 26 September 2019 the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) passed resolution 42/17 on Human Rights and Transitional Justice. Resolution 42/17 calls upon states to develop comprehensive transitional justice strategies and establish judicial and non-judicial mechanisms to address past atrocities and the needs of victims. In the resolution the HRC calls on the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR) to examine how addressing a legacy of gross violations and abuses of human rights and serious violations of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) through transitional justice measures can contribute to sustaining peace and the realization of Sustainable Development Goal 16. The HRC also requests the OHCHR to present a report on this matter to the HRC at its 46th session following consultations with relevant stakeholders. The resolution recognizes that “States have the primary responsibility for the promotion and protection of all human rights, including the responsibility to protect their populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.”

The resolution was adopted without a vote.

United Nations Human Rights Council


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