07 Oct 2013
A Common Standard for Applying R2P

This policy brief is based upon the results of a multi-staged research project undertaken by the Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Program (HGHR) at Cardozo Law, Yeshiva University in New York, NY. The project is led by Professor Sheri Rosenberg, Director of HGHR. Ekkehard Strauss, an independent researcher and consultant on mass atrocities and Adjunct professor at Griffith University, is an Expert Consultant to the project and co-author of the brief.

The research aims to clarify and address the normative concerns embedded within R2P, systematically develops a common standard against which incoming information may be assessed in respect of the application of R2P, coherently develops guiding principles for the application of the standard, and rigorously assess the benefits of the adoption of a common standard for the implementation of R2P framework; including norm legitimacy, efficient allocation of resource and strategic mid-term prevention.

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