24 Sep 2010
3rd Annual Ministerial Meeting, 24 September 2010

On 24 September 2010, the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect held its third annual Ministerial Meeting on R2P together with the Foreign Ministers of Ghana and Denmark. This annual Ministerial Meeting was attended by participants from 21 countries, including seven Foreign Ministers and senior government officials. The Secretary‐General's Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide (SAPG) and his Special Adviser on the conceptual, political and institutional development of the Responsibility to Protect (SAR2P) also attended. With 7 participants from Africa, 4 from the Americas, 3 from Asia Pacific and 7 from Europe, the meeting underscored once again that commitment to make a reality of R2P comes from all regions of the world

The discussion addressed the topic of "Fulfilling the responsibility to protect: Strengthening our capacities to prevent and halt mass atrocities." Participants emphasized moving from concept, theory, and doctrine into the practical field of operationalizing R2P. Many participants announced the designation of national 'focal points' for the responsibility to protect ‐ senior officials serving as principal national advisers on R2P with the responsibility to coordinate national efforts and collaborate with other such officials in other governments and institutions to enhance efforts to anticipate, prevent and respond better to "R2P crimes." There was a commitment to hold a meeting of such focal points within the coming 12 months with a view to this becoming a standing network of specifically designated officials improving inter‐governmental coordination on mass atrocity prevention. Participants also sought to meet again at ministerial level, thereby entrenching such a ministerial meeting in New York to discuss fulfilling the responsibility to protect as an annual tradition.