01 Jun 2016
Policy Decision on the Responsibility to Protect, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

The following document is policy decision on the Responsibility to Protect that was adopted by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland in June 2016.

The policy decision affirms Finland's commitment to the promotion of the Responsibility to Protect and sets out priorities for its effective implementation. The policy decision gives guidance to foreign policy in areas that are relevant, in particular, to atrocity prevention. In this respect we mention a few areas of major importance, such as conflict prevention, mediation, support to fragile states, strengthening of the rule of law structures and civil society, focusing on the human rights of women and girls as well as other measures strengthening respect for human rights, as well as countering impunity for the most serious international crimes

The policy decision also serves to clarify the concept of the Responsibility to Protect and make it better known within the foreign service. It can moreover be used in awareness-raising and outreach towards other ministries and the civil society.