17 Jun 2019
Summary of the Report of the UN Secretary-General on the Responsibility to Protect: Lessons Learned for Prevention

The eleventh report of the UN Secretary-General on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) emphasizes the important role of prevention. The report takes stock of a range of measures that individual states and the international community can undertake while upholding their preventive responsibilities based upon best practices since the adoption of R2P at the 2005 UN World Summit. While acknowledging a growing number of contemporary atrocity situations around the world, the Secretary-General cautions that "there is a growing gap between our words of commitment and the experience of protecting vulnerable populations." The report offers a number of practical policy suggestions based upon experiences of the last decade and serves as a call to action for member states and international institutions.

This publication summarizes the advanced unedited version of the Secretary-General's 2019 report.