13 Aug 2014
Summary of the United Nations Secretary-General's Report on the Responsibility to Protect: Fulfilling Our Collective Responsibility: International Assistance and the Responsibility to Protect

United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recently published his sixth annual report on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), entitled Fulfilling our collective responsibility: International assistance and the responsibility to protect. The report emphasizes measures that a range of actors can undertake to provide assistance to support states in upholding their primary prevention and protection responsibilities.

The report identifies and examines the ways in which actors can best provide assistance to states under Pillar II of the R2P framework. The core section of the report highlights three main forms of support – encouragement, capacity-building and protection assistance – while providing examples of best practices by national, regional and international actors. The report concludes by summarizing the key challenges facing the effective implementation of assistance and capacity-building support to states and provides recommendations for how to advance the Pillar II agenda. The approaching tenth anniversary of the 2005 World Summit, during which the global agreement on R2P was forged, is highlighted as an important opportunity for states to comprehensively take stock of existing efforts and strengthen global partnerships for implementation of R2P.